Highest Quality Plain Bearings

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Bilimsel Teknik Metal Yatak ve Makina İmalat Sanayi Tic. Ltd. Şti. is Turkey’s leading company in the slide bearings production industry, with its 30-years experience. Bilimsel Teknik was founded in 1980 and operating at Ostim-Ankara since 1985. Since 1980, Bilimsel Teknik is serving to almost all of the cement producing companies, a large number power plants, mines, grinding plants and any other relavant industrial sector from all around Turkey, Middle East and Africa. Our company also supplies engineering and consultant services to relevant companies. Continue

Bilimsel Teknik serves for both repairing and complete manufacturing of the bearings below.

  • Slide bearings for Ball, Autogen and Bar Mills
  • Slide Bearings for Cement Mill Reducers, Pinions, Gears and Shafts
  • Slide Bearings for Crushers
  • Wulfel Type Spherical Bearings
  • Electric Motor Slide Bearings
  • Thrust Bearings (Plain Type)
  • Bearings For Rolling Mills
  • Michell Bearings for Loesche Mills
  • Turbine and Thrust Bearings for Hydroelectric and Thermal Power Stations
  • Complete Production of Bearings Including Steel Body Casting
  • Horomill Bearings
  • Alpine Mill Bearings
  • Vertical Mill Bearings
  • Shaft Bearings For Ships
  • Slide Bearing Production up to 6000mm. diameter (both casting and machining)
  • Aluminum and Bronze Alloy Rotary Kiln Bearings
Plain Bearings For Cement Mills
Bearings For Cement Mills

High quality in cement mill bearings is important for the continious production in cement factories. Plain bearings that are produced by Bilimsel Teknik will work for years without any trouble

Spherical Bearings
Spherical Bearings

Production of spherical bearings of crushers and reducer systems needs extra care since they have tight tolerances and need the best selection of metal alloy.